As front man for the Ramblers, Keith (Peachy) Keehn engages the audience with a comfortable down home approach, frequently relating stories or jokes that variously result in laughter and groans. Peachy is featured on lead and tenor vocals and handles the bass duties for the group.

Equally confortable on both melodioic and Scruggs style banjo, Patrick Canney adds an important ingredient to the Rambler's sound. Pat sings bass on the gospel quartets and also handles the groups bookings and business affairs. 

The newest member of the Ramblers is multi- instrumentalist, Jim Burch. A seasoned veteran of Wisconsin's bluegrass music scene, Jim can play just about anything with strings on it.  With his vast knowledge of bluegrass music, tasteful dobro licks and superb lead and baritone vocals, Jim is a welcome addition  to the Ramblers .

Mike Smith's tasteful mandolin work is another highlight of the Rambler's performances. The musicality that he brings to his instrumental soloing also shines through when singing lead and baritone, and creating the distinctive vocal arrangements the group is noted for.

Larry Mueller adds an important dimension to the band's sound with his clean flat picking, steady rthymn guitar. Blessed with a natural tenor voice and a decerning ear, Larry's high harmonies are the cornerstone of the Rambler's sound. 

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