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Ramblers with bassist Mark Schafhauser at Vines and Rushes Winery - March 10,2018 

 Patrick leads a gospel tune at Cup O Joy

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Cup O Joy - Green Bay, WI  January 2018

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Jim, Peachie and Larry in high, lonesome mode!

Wow, that last lick was really cool!

Reilly's Pub Green Lake, WI August 2016

Old Ramblers reunite for some Holiday pickin'

Peachie with veteran Ramblers Rebecca Patek,           Rod Nabholz and Mark Schafhauser

East Troy Bluegrass Festival - Sept. 2015

Private Party - Rush Lake, WI October 2015 -              with special guest Josee Weigand

Wednesday night jam at Schwai's, Cedar Creek, WI - circa 1998

  Pre-Big Cedar and Pre-Ramblers

Schwai's jam - Cedar Creek, WI 1998

 Before becoming follically challenged

Schwai's, Cedar Creek, WI - 1998

Ramblers Take a break from their rigorous rehearsal at Joel's Confections For Any Occasion, Theresa, WI

Ramblers deep in thought .....Reilly's Pub              Green Lake, WI 6/17/2017

Okay, everybody find a note......

Ramblers performing at Cup O Joy - April 2017